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Abstract                 Volume:7  Issue-10  Year-2019          Original Research Articles

Online ISSN : 2347 - 3215
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Distribution and Occurrences of Entomopathogenic Fungi in Southern and Western Zones of Ethiopia
Solomon Yilma, Denberu Kebede  and Tsegaye Mihrete

Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Ambo Agricultural Research Center, P.O.box 37, Ambo, Ethiopia

*Corresponding author

Entomopathogenic fungi have a high potential for biological control of insect pests. Natural habitats are the most important resources for these micro-organisms. The aim of this study was to identify and assess occurrence and distribution of entomopathogenic fungi in the soil from different part of the country. Soil samples was taken from Wolega, Horo Gudru, Jimma zone, Gamo Gofa, Dawuro, Kembata, Wolayta Sodo, Gurage Silte, Wonji- Showa, Gedeo, Sidama, Hadya, Metahara and Finchaa between October and November of each study year of 2016-2018. Entomopathogenic fungi were isolated from soil using Galleria mellonella as bait trap (insect bait trap method). From the total 306 soil sample collected 96 fungal isolates were identified from which 50(52.1%) of them were B. bassiana, and 46(47.9%) were M. anisopliae. 64.58% of the identified Entomopathogenic fungi were obtained from forest followed by farm land(28.08%). The abundance of Metharihizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassinia in the forest and farm land are vice versal. The availability of Metharihizium anisopliae in the forest are higher whereas Beauveria bassinia in the farmland are more abundant. Evaluation of biodiversity and pathogenicity of these isolates can help to develop effective biological agents to control insect pest

Keywords: Entomo-pathogenic fungi, Soil, Galleria melonella
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Solomon Yilma, Denberu Kebede  and Tsegaye Mihrete. 2019. Distribution and Occurrences of Entomopathogenic Fungi in Southern and Western Zones of Ethiopia.Int.J.Curr.Res.Aca.Rev. 7(10): 8-17
doi: https://doi.org/10.20546/ijcrar.2019.710.002