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Abstract            Volume:8  Issue-11  Year-2020         Original Research Articles

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Review on Estrous Cycle and Reproductive Problems in Bitch in Ethiopia
Dereje Darza1* and Birhanu Lencha2
1Haramaya University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Ethiopia
2Haramaya University, College of Agriculture, Ethiopia
*Corresponding author

The period in which bitch stays in heat is very short, between ten days and, on occasions, up to three or four weeks. After the heat period bitches secret the pregnancy hormone progesterone. Measurement of plasma progesterone concentration can be very useful in predicting the fertile period of the bitch. Pheromones are secreted by the bitch under the influence of oestradiol and are detected by the dog’s olfactory or vomeronasal organs. The first stage of estrous cycle is controlled by follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) when the ovarian follicles mature in preparation for the release of eggs, the estrogen levels increase and the uterus enlarges. The estrous cycle of the bitch has been shown to be controlled by the same hormonal interactions as those demonstrated in other animals. The most significant influence cycling fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone have on female dog behavior is pregnancy related behaviors. While estrogen increases in the dog’s body for a short length of time, progesterone remains in the circulation. Increased plasma progesterone concentration before ovulation in bitches is unusual in comparison with other domestic animals, particularly in ruminants. The development of the ovarian follicle is initiated by the production of gonadotrophin releasing hormone (GnRH) which induces the release of FSH and LH. Mating of disproportional parents, breed peculiarities such as brachiocephalic breeds, litter size are cause of dystocia with subsequent delivery of weak or dead fetus. The most common reason for failure of conception is inappropriate timing of mating. Early embryonic death and abortion account for all conceptus loss between conception and birth. Brucella canis is the only bacterial organism proven to cause infertility in the bitch.

Keywords: Bitch, Estrous cycle, Progesterone, Reproductive problems
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