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Abstract            Volume:9  Issue-2  Year-2021         Original Research Articles

Online ISSN : 2347 - 3215
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Effect of Rooting Media, Cutting Types and Watering Frequency on Root Parameters of Long Pepper (Piper cappense) at Jimma
Gebreslassie Hailu
Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research; Jimma Agricultural Research Center, PO Box 192, Jimma, Ethiopia
*Corresponding author

Long pepper cuttings are traditionally planted in a trench & covered with plastic sheet to get large number of transplantable seedlings. But the success of the transplant is often low hence; it is common to retain cuttings for more than a year to synchronize their stage of transplanting with start of main rainy season. The present study was conducted at Jimma Agricultural Research center (JARC) to investigate the influence of rooting media, cutting types and Watering Frequency on Nursery performance of Long pepper cuttings to identify best alternatives for production of adequate planting material. Four types of media, composed of sub soil(Ss), top soil(Ts), farm yard manure(FYM) and fine sand with the following proportion, 2Top soil + 1Farm yard manure + 2Fine sand recommended for coffee Cutting, 6Top soil + 3Farm yard manure + 2Fine sand recommended for coffee Nursery, 1/3rd SS upper + 2Top soil + 1Farm yard manure + 1Fine sand recommended for Tea media and 2Top soil + 1Farm yard manure + 1Fine sand recommended for coffee nursery, three level of cutting type soft wood (SW), semi hard wood(SHW) and hard wood (HW) and four level of watering frequency were combined in split plot design with three replications, where four watering frequency levels were assigned to main plots, four media type levels were assigned to sub plot and three types of cutting (soft wood, semi hard wood and hard wood) levels were assigned to sub- sub plot were combined with factorial arrangement (4 x 4 x 3) with 48 treatments. Data was collected for root parameters after six months of planting. The highest average fresh root weight (30g) was recorded for watering frequency every three weeks, hard wood cutting grown in rooting media 1/3 top SS and 2TS:1FYM:1FS. The largest number of roots per cutting (13) was produced by watering interval every week with soft wood cutting type. On the other hand under the interaction of media and cutting type the largest number of root per cutting (13) was produced by same cutting type and grown in (6TS: 3FYM:2FS) media proportion. In general, the observed differences among the main effects soft wood could be due to its succulent part the accumulation of growth hormone in the succulent part of the wood.

Keywords: Cutting, soft wood, semi hard wood, hard wood, root and watering.
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doi: https://doi.org/10.20546/ijcrar.2021.902.001
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