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Diagnostic Study on the Contamination in Operations Theatres in the Hospitals of Kirkuk City, Iraq
Noor Alrifaai1* and Ibraheem Al Jebory2
Microbiology department,college of scieince/ Kirkuk university, Iraq
*Corresponding author

A total of (222) samples were collected from different locations of the operation theatres during the period 1st of November 2014 to 30th of June 2015  from Kirkuk general hospital of Kirkuk city to  determine the degree of contamination present in operation theatres and to evaluate the resistance of these isolated microbes to some antibiotics, after culturing  these samples and incubation, (96) sample (43%)  showed microbial growth, the identification using biochemical tests showed (55) sample (57%) were gram negative bacilli and (41) sample (42%) were gram positive cocci, the results showed that  Staphylococcus epidermidis was the most common isolated bacteria with (21) isolate (21.8%), followed by S.aureus (20) isolate (20.8%), Ps.aeruginosa(14) isolate(14.5%), E.coli (12) isolate (12.5%),  K.pneumoniae (7) isolates (7.2%) and P.mirabilis which constituted (7) isolates (7.2%), and P.vulgaris (6) isolates (6.2%), K.oxytoca(3) isolates(3.1%), (3) isolates Enterobacter cloacae (3%), Pseudomonas flourescence (2) isolates(2%), serratia. marcescens (1) isolate(1%), the  Antibiotic susceptibility test was done for (82) bacterial isolates including (S.epidermidis, K.pneumoniae S.aureus, P.mirabilis,  Ps.aeruginosa, E.coli(  By considering them the most commen causes of  nosocomial infections isolated in this study and these isolates were tested for (11) different antibiotics including (Ampicillin,Amoxicillin, Ceftazidime,Gentamicin, Amikacin, Teteracycline, Nalidixic acid, Chloramphenicol,Tobramycine, Cefixime, Nitrofurantoin).

Keywords: Operation Theatre,Nosocomial Infection, Surgical Site Infection, Microbial Contamination, Bacterial Isolates.
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doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.20546/ijcrar.2016.404.002
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