International Journal of Current Research and Academic Review
Int.J.Curr.Res.Aca.Rev. 2014.2(1): 148-163
THE VIRGIN LIGHT?... (A new theory on source of Light)
M.Arulmani* and V.R.Hema Latha
Superintending Engineer (E), BSNL Government of India, East Masi Telephone Exchange, Madurai 625001 Tamilnadu, India
A scientific Research in this article focus that the whole universe and its matter contents shall be considered as created initially on origin by the beam of Virgin Light (or) White Flame . The virgin light shall also be called as J-Radiation emitted from the White Heart of Supernatural Creator . The J-Radiation shall also be considered as Holy Spirit in Biblical term. The Beam of J-Radiation shall be considered composed of Billions of thin rays. Each thin ray shall be considered as representing each family of created maters and life. Further the Billions of initially created families of matters shall be considered as descended from a fundamental Virgin J-Family . In Biology Taxonomy, the classification of various plants, animals and other non-biological family of matters etc shall be considered as descended form the Stem Cells of J-Family . This research focus that in the expanding universe the J-family matters considered undergone wide diversity and three major genetic changes and produced thousands of new families in major three variation in new cosmic radiations. The research focus the during the cosmic radiation era the speed of light descended from J-Radiation shall be considered undergone three variations in speed due to growth of Sufficient Mass to the fundamental particles of fundamental J-family the three family generation light shall be considered as below Ist Nuclear age - Family 2nd Nuclear age - Family 3rd Nuclear age _ - family This research emphasize that the three family of cosmic radiations shall be considered genetically variant due to variation in space, time, gravity of universe in three phases of Nuclear age . The Philosophy of space, time, gravity shall be considered closely associated with characteristics of SUN, EARTH, MOON. Time Sun, Gravity Earth, Space - Moon It is focused that the so called Speed of Light stipulated in two Einstein s theory in Quantum physics (ie) special relativity theory, general relativity theory shall be considered as 3rd generation light which is capable of traveling at the maximum speed of 299,792,458 meter/second. The J-family radiation shall be considered as capable of flying constantly at the maximum speed of 3.0x108 meter/second . It is further focused that the three major nuclear age shall be considered as evolved due to variations in relative position of SUN, EARTH, MOON in the universe in three geological periods. It is emphasized that the observations made by Einstein sir in his Relativity theory shall be considered as due to variation in relative position of SUN, EARTH, MOON which results in three major genetic cosmic variation of space, time and gravity. The impact of three geological age space, time, and gravity shall be narrated as below: Space, Time, Gravity shall be considered as three genetic variation parameters of universe due to impact of generation of three cosmic families of , , radiations .
Philosophy of J-NADU Philosophy of K-NADU Philosophy of J-Radiation Philosophy of J-Family Philosophy of J-Cell Philosophy of NAT, NATH, NATHAN Philosophy of word Virgin Philosophy of word Veil Philosophy of word Age Philosophy of word Ape Philosophy of word Aceae Philosophy of word Three domain of Life Philosophy of word DARK and WHITE flame Philosophy of word Virgin Particles Philosophy of word JPulse Philosophy of word Harmonics