International Journal of Current Research and Academic Review
Int.J.Curr.Res.Aca.Rev. 2014.2(1): 164-170
Process development for puffing of Sorghum
Vinita Sharma, P.S.Champawat and V.D.Mudgal*
Department of Processing of Food Engineering, CTAE, MPUAT, Udaipur-313001, India
Popped sorghum is one of the ready to eat snacks which is popularly consumed by local growers. A number of process are used in the preparation of ready-to-eat cereals including puffing, flaking and shredding of wheat, corn and rice but none for sorghum. The quality of sorghum puffed by conventional and microwave was evaluated. The effects of moisture content, microwave power and time on the puffing qualities of sorghum were investigated. Sorghum was adjusted at three moisture levels 18, 21 and 24% (wb) and puffed with conventional and microwave method. In conventional method sorghum at 21% moisture content for 3 min produced a higher puffing yield (83%), expansion ratio (4.44) and flake size (0.18ml/grain). Similarly in microwave method sorghum at 21% moisture content, 100 percent power level for 3 min produced highest puffing yield (89%), expansion volume (8.67) and flake size (0.28). Puffed sorghum at low moisture content (18%) produced high puffing yield but lowest expansion ratio and flake size in both conventional and microwave method. Puffing at low moisture content and high microwave power decreased the lightness of the puffed sorghum. The maximum value of protein, fat and ash obtained in conventional method were 7.90, 3.19, and 2.36%, similarly in microwave method value obtained were 7.91, 3.16 and 2.37% respectively.
Sorghum; Moisture content; Puffing quality; Expansion ratio; Nutritional quality