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Publishing Policy

Access Policies

Data Access, Retention and Sharing Guidelines:

Ensuring accessibility and retention of data is essential to transparency, reproducibility, and the validation of results in scientific research. The following guidelines are in accordance with COPE and other international research ethics standards:

  1. Data Access:
    • Authors may be asked to provide the raw data of their study together with the manuscript for editorial review and should be prepared to make the data publicly available if practicable. Authors should ensure accessibility of such data to other competent professionals for at least ten years after publication (preferably via an institutional or subject-based data repository or other data center), provided that the confidentiality of the participants can be protected and legal rights concerning proprietary data do not preclude their release.
    • If the study is based on publicly available data, authors must include a statement on where and how the data can be accessed.
  2. Data Retention:
    • Authors should keep their raw data related to their submitted paper, and it is important to prepare data storage before the research has begun.
    • All data, even if not published, should be kept for a reasonable period, for instance, ten years after publication of the original article, unless legal requirements or ethical considerations require a longer or shorter period.
    • Authors should also be prepared to send relevant documentation or data in order to verify the validity of the results during the review process. This could be in the form of raw data, samples, records, etc.
  3. Data Sharing:
    • Authors should, as far as possible, be prepared to share their raw, unprocessed data with other researchers when reasonable requests are made.
    • Any restrictions on the availability of data or information must be disclosed to the editors at the time of submission.
  4. Avoidance of Plagiarism:
    • Authors must avoid any form of plagiarism, including verbatim copying, paraphrasing, or summarizing without proper attribution.
    • When using the work or ideas of others, authors should provide appropriate citations and clearly distinguish between their own contributions and those of others.

Failure to comply with IJCRAR's data access and retention policy may result in manuscript rejection or retraction of a published article.